peelytics  - The IoT way to liquid analysis


pFit - Watch your nutrition and hydration - just by using the toilet


The human urine carries more than 10 medical indicators that have the capability to help diagnose various diseases.

At peelytics, we strive to revolutionize the way people monitor their health, giving them access to daily-life health parameters. We want to tap people's full potential to measure their health parameters in familiar, day-to-day scenarios.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is our playground. A urinal, your smartphone, your doctor's office - in our vision, they are all closely interconnected, giving our users an overall, seamless, and fun experience.










pFit for Pro Sports and health- conscious humans

This is what we measure 

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We provide detailed information about the color of your urine. Giving you important insights into your potential hydration status.

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Want to know when your power reserves need to be filled up again? Use pFit to monitor electrolytes in your urine.


We provide very accurate results on how much urine you loose. Thus giving you details on your hydration status.


We keep track on your records. With pFit you receive detailed information on your historic values and you can share them with your doctor. 


The Team of peelytics


Dirk, Tilman, Matthias and Christian have profound experience in developing software for various customers. A record of more than 150 successfully accomplished projects stands for that. Dirk has published several articles in various Tech magazines and has been named author of the month several times. Aged 35 +, all entrepreneurs have the right experience and maturity to revolutionize the way you think about pee.  

It is amazing how much you can accomplish when it doesn´t matter who gets the credit.
— Harry S. Truman